NOV 15, 2014
We have a new video up: 127 Seconds! You can view it HERE on our videos page.
Still from 127 SECONDS

We have a social media agenda with this short, we want to get James Franco's attention with thisshort. He is very present on social media, if you follow him on Instagram or twitter @jamesfrancotv with the link to the video. For instagram we have a photo below you can save and post. #wolfpelt #jamesfranco #127seconds

Our Instagram 127 Seconds Pic

Wolf Pelt hosted a fundraiser on November 5th, a night of short films. We showed all 4 of our short films as well as work from people we have worked with in the past or are going to work with in the near future. We want to thank everyone who came out to our first event as a company, we are planning on doing another one next year. We're hoping to have at least 3 new short films and we want to show more wonderful work from people we hope to work with in the community.

We are currently in pre-production for our next two projects, one being the May Can-Wolf Pelt co-production. A short documentary about an experimental creation process, May Can theatre is going to stay up as long as they can and create a new show from scratch being completely sleep deprived then perform it for a live audience. Also in pre-production is our short film being produced under Saw videos JUMPSTART mentorship program. We are being mentored by tree pot media's Jith Paul. Keep checking back here or on our Facebook page for updates on these projects!


May Can Theatre

oct 2, 2014
- Cory is back from his summer tour as part of a fringe show as well as directing his first Feature length film/documentary. On The Fringe is now in post-production. If you would like to follow its progress here is the link to the official website -

- Wolf Pelt was not inactive all summer though, we filmed our new short: 127 Seconds in June and are currently wrapping up post production.

Still from 127 SECONDS

- Wolf Pelt will be producing a short film screening, location and date TBA, we're planning on having it be early November. All of our short films will be screened (4 in total) including the premiers of both 127 Seconds and our first attempt as Wolf Pelt: OUIJA. We will also screen works from past and future collaborators. Also, alcohol will be served!

Still from OUIJA

- If you can't wait to see a Wolf Pelt short, Hush Hush is on the Ottawa Short films website. Watch it here:

- Wolf Pelt is currently one of the recipients of the Saw video JUMPSTART mentorship program! We are currently working on the script for the project and gathering the team. Stay tuned for details on this project: a new short film with production value! The short will be completed by April, 2015.

- Currently Gary has been doing sound on another short film, Dear Donovan, under the JUMPSTART program while Cory has been busy with May Can Theatre, who are currently producing an event every month of the year 2014. December's event will be an film/theatre crossover - A Wolf Pelt short documentary and a May Can experimental creation process.

Gary has been busy doing sound recording for DEAR DONOVAN
may 20, 2014
Hey! Look at us! We got a brand spanking new site up and running, and our own domain to boot! We also have a few other things in the works that we’d like to let you all know about:

- We have started work on a new short. A sort of for fun project that we may end up submitting to select festivals. The project is being filmed under the title “127 Seconds”. We have one shoot under our belts so far but unfortunately got rained out. So we are going to be scheduling another shoot very soon and hopefully have this done soon.

- If you haven’t been following our FACEBOOK PAGE then you probably have no idea that Cory is going to be directing his first documentary this summer! The film is titled “On The Fringe” and Cory has been hired on as director to help bring the project together. He will be touring the Fringe Festival circuit experiencing what’s it’s like to tour a play. You can find out more about the project HERE.

- We have also been submitting Do Not Touch to a few film festivals so fingers crossed we get into at least one!